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Race Forms

Submit or update team roster and/or contact information

Submit your team roster only after you receive notice that your team has been accepted and your entry fee has been paid. You may also use this link to view your current team information and to make changes to your roster.

CHANGES ARE NOT AUTOMATIC. PLEASE GIVE US TIME TO MAKE THE CHANGES AND TO UPLOAD THEM TO THE WEB PAGE. DO NOT PANIC, IF YOU SENT IT ONCE, THAT IS ENOUGH. YOU CAN HELP BY PUTTING A NOTE OF THE CHANGE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. You will receive an email confirmation when you the changes you submitted have been entered into the system. Please wait for this email confirmation before making any further changes.

Print a copy of the Waiver form.

Print a copy of the Minor Waiver form. Required for any participant under age 18 on the day of the relay.

Waiver forms may be mailed to River to River Relay, PO Box 3475, Carbondale, IL 62902-3475 (this will speed your check in the day before the race) or they may be brought to the check-in on at Registration on Friday, April 12, 2019. (Keep a copy of anything that you mail). Do not attempt to mail anything to us after Friday, April 5, 2019.

Registration will be held again this year at the The Pavilion of the City of Marion, 1602 Sioux Dr, Marion, Il.
Map to Pavilion

Information for New Teams

You should check the full set of official rules for the relay before sending in an entry.
Teams consist of eight runners. Each runner completes three sections that range in length from 2.5 to 4 miles.

Teams compete in one of nine major divisions. Mixed teams require a minimum of three members of each sex. On masters teams, all team members must be at least 40 years old. For corporate teams, all members must be employed by the same place of business.

In the handicap divisions, awards will be based on finish times corrected for handicap. Team handicaps will be the sum of handicap times for all team members. Individual handicaps are based on the runner's age and sex. If you have a javascript enabled browser, you can use our calculator to calculate handicaps for your team.

You may enter only one major division, but you may change divisions later. You must declare on or before March 14, 2019, in which division you intend to compete. Several special divisions exist for which the entry requirements are not enforced as stringently. You may enter one of the special divisions as well as a major division.

Starting time assignments are based on availability and your preferences as listed on the entry form (see information concerning the entry form).

A rough estimate of your team's finishing time can be calculated from runners' race times. Add each person's best 5-kilometer race times and multiply the total by 3.5. If you have a browser that recognizes javascript, you can use our predicted time calculator to do the calculations for you. This estimate has proved to be very accurate for faster teams, and tends to overestimate the finish time for slower teams.

We do not need a list of runners when you send in your entry. A preliminary team roster roster must be submitted by March 14, 2019, and a full roster by Friday, April 12, 2019. A fee will be assessed if a roster is not received in time.(See page 9 of the Information book). The roster is submitted electronically from this web site.

All runners must sign a waiver and release of liability form that will be sent to you. Teams will not be allowed to participate unless all runners have signed the release.

A small number of teams with the fastest predicted times in each division will be seeded. Seeded teams will start at special times, regardless of previous assignments, and they may use two support vehicles. Seedings will be based on runners' previous 5K race times, as listed on team rosters submitted before March 14, 2019.