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Results 2004, Special Awards 2004

Major Division Awards

Open Division
1st7:35:59Men in Front, from Chicago, Ill.
2nd7:56:25Fleet FEET Racing, from St. Louis, Mo.
3rd8:01:39The Quick and Dead Tired, from Champaign, Ill.
4th8:21:49180 Energy Runners, from St. Louis, Mo.
5th8:30:06CU Later, from Champaign, Ill.
6th8:52:20Indy Enclave, from Indianapolis, Ind.
7th9:13:50Running Witness, from Paxton, Ill.
Women's Division
1st9:56:11Shut Up and Run, from St.Charles, Mo.
2nd10:10:41Team Portulaca, from Madison, Wisc.
3rd10:39:59Springfield Roadrunners, from Springfield, Ill.
Mixed Division
1st8:14:17Murphy's Moonlight Milers, from Park Ridge, Ill.
2nd8:40:41Team Benfield, from Evansville, Ind.
3rd8:47:00Magrath Racing, from Madison, Wisc.
4th8:52:00Wichita Flatlanders, from Wichita, Kan.
5th8:56:41Where's Erich?, from Champaign, Ill.
6th9:00:18Palos Roadrunners Team #3, from Palos Park, Ill.
7th9:00:18Lactic Acid Junkies, from Gurnee, Ill.
Masters Division
1st8:00:04Team Reliv, from St. Charles, Mo.
2nd8:18:36Movin' Shoes; the Elders, from Madison, Wisc.
3rd8:35:20Slow Twitch, from Beecher, Ill.
Women Masters Division
1st9:26:32Madison Masters Blasters, from Madison, Wisc.
2nd11:30:05Unmanned, from St. Louis, Mo.
3rd11:43:30Sammy's Girls, from Springfield, Ill.
Mixed Masters Division
1st8:28:40No Walkin Till the Van Passes, from Champaign, Ill.
2nd9:55:44Fighting Trees, from Terre Haute, Ind.
3rd10:36:35The Misfits, from Brownsburg, Ind.
Corporate Division
1st9:05:38Midwest Running, from Ellettsville, Ind.
2nd9:12:08CNA - Can Never Acquiesce, from Chicago, Ill.
3rd9:43:19Air Moblity Flying Feet, from Scott Afb, Ill.
Corporate Handicap Division
1st8:32:15Stray Cats, from Peoria, Ill.
2nd9:19:20CNA - Running on Reserves, from Chicago, Ill.
3rd9:28:43Square D, from Chicago, Ill.
Handicap Division
1st7:16:32Dream Team II, from Lake Forest, Ill.
2nd7:26:18Los Tortugas, from Albuquerque, N.M.
3rd7:38:01Charlie's Angels, from Carbondale, Ill.
4th7:50:32Fueled By Cuervo, from Chicago, Ill.
5th7:53:33The Young and the Restless, from Evansville, Ind.
6th8:18:23Eight Deadly Sins, from Lake Forest, Ill.
7th8:24:13Midnight Ramblers, from Chicago, Ill.

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