Who Are We?
The Mississippi and Ohio rivers meet at the southern tip of Illinois. Between the two rivers lies a land quite unlike the rest of the state. Towards the end of April every year thousands of runners cross this land between the rivers in the River to River Relay. Read more...

Teams of eight runners compete on an 80-mile course. Each runner completes three sections that range in length from 2.5 to 4 miles. Teams are started in groups every 30 minutes beginning at 6:15am and continuing until the last group is started at 8:45am. The finish line closes at exactly 8:00pm.

The race starts at McGee Hill in LaRue Pine Hills on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River Valley. The course follows country roads (mostly paved but some stretches of gravel) through the Shawnee National Forest to its finish at the Ohio River in Golconda.

Due to logistical issues on the race course, the number of Relay teams has to be limited and is 250 in 2017. In 2016 we received over 370 applications in the first 10 minutes. Teams should only submit one entry. Teams submitting more than one entry will be disqualified. The entry fee for the April 22, 2017 River to River Relay is $480; but only payable if your team is notified that it has made the race field.

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