River to River Relay, 2011

Complete Results

TeamFinish TimeAdjustedDivisionPlace
6516 Cheeks to the WIND  10:09:32Corporate4
416:20 Club  9:47:528:56:42Handicap12
1266:20 Trotters  10:56:259:01:05Handicap13
6880, Are You Crazy  10:16:30Open24
82A Bad Case of the RUNS  10:24:15Open32
118ALL Around Athletes  10:44:459:52:10Handicap30
137Abbott Rabitts  11:03:159:45:55Handicap27
210Abe Lincoln's Pants  12:03:09Mixed48
36Abe's Runners  9:44:118:14:21Handicap7
48Afrotc Soaring Warriors  9:56:19Open17
110Air Mobility Flying Feet  10:40:18Corporate7
221Angry Divas  12:28:16Women7
156Art and Kevin Reveal Memorial  11:13:48Open57
66Assiduous Soles  10:09:39Open22
130Aurora Lites  10:59:55Open46
168BMHK  11:21:47Open61
15BRC  9:01:218:35:41Handicap9
107Back of the Packers  10:37:11Open38
212Bad Mother Runners  12:06:02Women4
43Ballwin Bunch  9:49:38Masters5
241Bannon's Mountain  13:25:3611:33:31Handicap49
184Baptist Buns on the Run  11:35:01Women3
239Barb Wired Babes  13:16:21Women13
135Beer Drinkers With a Running Problem  11:01:18Open48
155Belleville Running Club  11:13:3810:15:38Handicap40
83Belleville Running Club #2  10:24:279:24:37Handicap17
100Big Dog Running and Eating Society  10:34:139:47:13Handicap28
163Big E's Family Affair  11:19:34Mixed38
194Big Hump Bench Warmers  11:44:38Open71
160Big Hump Hash House Harriers  11:19:01Mixed37
233Bless Our Soles  12:53:0111:56:11Handicap51
37Blessed Union of Soles  9:44:19Mixed9
69Blood, Sweat and Beers  10:16:33Open25
177Blues Brothers and Sisters  11:28:23Corporate10
50Body 'N Sole Slugs  9:58:16Mixed10
90Bone Breakers  10:28:46Open35
129Bottoms Up Bar and Grill  10:57:44Mixed30
170Breakfast Club  11:22:4710:01:57Handicap33
86Buzz Boys Mixed  10:25:29Mixd Masters3
29CNApple: Made From the Best Runners  9:23:57Corporate3
17CNArky: Runners With Attitude  9:04:30Corporate1
199CU At the Finish Line  11:48:57Masters14
171CUSD Ten  11:23:0510:07:55Corp Hcap5
26Cake Is a Lie  9:17:34Mixed6
34Cape Ghisallo Masters  9:36:59Masters4
42Cape Racers  9:49:31Open15
140Carbon Footprint  11:04:17Open49
232Carbondale Community Arts  12:47:35Open81
169Chaney's Gang  11:22:309:58:55Handicap32
196Change of Pace  11:47:1210:49:32Handicap45
22Charlie's Angels  9:11:287:38:13Handicap3
56Chasin' the Lobster  10:03:46Open19
182Cheetah  11:33:22Open65
33Chenny and the Jets  9:36:09Mixd Masters2
46Cheshire Cats  9:53:399:07:09Corp Hcap2
94Chester Running Club  10:31:159:22:45Handicap15
227Cognitive Feet  12:35:0610:54:06Handicap46
187Collinsville Police Department  11:39:47Open67
127Conservative Runners Liberal Drinker  10:57:08Mixed29
153Corn Desert Runners  11:12:55Open56
234Corona Club  12:54:55Open82
93Crete Critters  10:30:549:41:34Handicap24
138Crossfit Instinct Endurance  11:03:36Mixed33
211Crustaceans on Fire  12:05:0611:01:26Handicap47
185Cutting Edge of Insanity  11:36:58Masters12
109DNF Redemption  10:39:11Mixed24
54Define Fun  10:02:53Mixed11
206Desperate Housewives  11:58:53Mixd Masters7
111Down N Dirty  10:40:32Masters10
209Downhill From Here  12:01:49Mixed47
91Dried Up and Wiped Out  10:29:44Corporate5
125Drug Hunters  10:56:179:45:47Corp Hcap4
128Dudes of Run  10:57:28Open45
30Eagle's Wings Runners  9:26:39Open10
165Easy to Pass and Tough to Lap  11:21:0010:33:30Handicap42
103Eight Deadly Sins  10:34:578:14:52Handicap8
132Eight Guys From Nowhere  11:00:3510:08:35Handicap37
67Family and Friends  10:12:39Open23
89Family on the Run  10:28:33Mixed21
102Fast and Cheap  10:34:46Open37
115Fastor Pastors  10:42:33Open40
217Finish the Task  12:16:1411:19:34Handicap48
236Finish the Task: in Pink  13:03:13Women12
139First Cav's Got Your Back  11:03:55Mixd Masters5
215Fish Out of Water  12:15:32Open79
9Fleet FEET Sports Masters  8:03:21Masters2
28Flint's Flying Salukis  9:23:10Mixed7
122For the Hill of IT  10:50:32Mixed28
179Friends TO FOES  11:30:42Mixed43
226Fritterrazz the Smatterriff  12:34:48Mixd Masters9
207Front Line  12:01:1710:33:47Handicap43
31Fueled By Cuervo  9:29:18Mixed8
98GSI Lean Team  10:33:45Corporate6
147Golconda River Rats  11:09:50Mixed34
181Grandma's Thursday Night Running Club  11:32:28Mixd Masters6
75Great Eight  10:22:02Open29
214Groovy Girls  12:13:39Wom Masters1
229Gybe-HO!  12:45:36Women10
108Hampshire Coon Creek Crawlers  10:38:00Open39
84Harmess Error II  10:24:57Open33
85Harmless Error I  10:24:58Masters7
73Harrison University Running Cougars  10:21:22Mixed16
4Has Beens  7:37:50Open4
25Hash House Harrier FRBs  9:17:07Mixed5
39Heaven Bound  9:45:49Open14
38Heaven Bound Too  9:44:49Open13
162Hill's Angels  11:19:30Open60
186Honkin' Woohoos  11:39:44Open66
35Hoosier Homecoming  9:43:23Open12
119IDOT the Runs  10:46:0510:26:35Corp Hcap6
172ISP Flat Foot Pursuit  11:23:1110:08:41Handicap38
231Iron Maidens  12:47:02Wom Masters2
218J&j's Running Misfits  12:16:59Corporate11
134Joe's Coles County Ridgerunners  11:01:15Open47
124Jones Creek Road Runners  10:51:158:36:00Handicap10
19Just Run Again  9:07:22Open8
219K-Team  12:22:45Women6
175Keep Your Eye on the Prize  11:27:37Mixed42
113Killian's Irish Run  10:41:07Mixed26
154Lab Rats  11:13:369:50:26Handicap29
216Lady Lightning Bolts  12:15:57Women5
44Lakers Eight  9:50:46Masters6
149Lebeck Park Racers  11:10:4810:03:33Handicap35
20Lisle A-Train  9:08:097:46:19Handicap4
87Lisle Windrunners  10:25:358:37:55Handicap11
61Little Egypt Sultans of Stride  10:06:27Open20
230Logistic Ladies  12:46:05Women11
57Los Tortugas  10:04:137:29:28Handicap2
60Mac Attack  10:06:009:42:40Handicap25
189Meramec Maniacs  11:40:4010:54:20Corp Hcap7
58Metro Milers  10:04:44Mixed13
5Michelob Ultra  7:52:36Mixed1
32Michelob Ultra Runners  9:35:44Open11
78Midwest Eclectic  10:23:18Mixed18
173Misery Loves Company  11:26:18Open62
71More Ego Than Brains  10:18:28Open27
13Movin' Shoes; the Elders  8:37:247:25:24Handicap1
166Mudd Ducks  11:21:249:31:29Handicap20
192Munning Ruppets  11:42:49Open69
47Murphy's Moonlight Milers  9:54:208:01:00Handicap6
157Mustang Sally and the Tipsy Rousers  11:14:04Open58
6NWI Ridge Runners  7:55:37Masters1
191Neighborhood Co-Op Grocery  11:42:48Open68
96Nervous Wrecks  10:33:21Open36
183No Walking Until the Van Passes  11:33:23Women2
213Odds and Ends  12:06:15Open78
131One Way Ticket  11:00:21Mixed31
80Polymerase Chain Reaction  10:23:40Mixed19
202Possum Trotters  11:56:48Open75
190Prairie Chickens  11:41:59Masters13
180Prairie Chickens #2  11:32:15Mixed44
81Press'n On  10:24:02Mixed20
174Pub Crawlers II  11:26:34Mixed41
11QC Faster Masters  8:28:49Masters3
1Quick and the Dead Tired  7:14:33Open1
8Quick and the Dead Tired II  7:56:27Open6
40Radical Runners  9:47:199:27:19Handicap18
101Ridge Rider Athletic Club  10:34:269:31:46Handicap21
52Riding in a Van Down By the River  10:00:419:07:41Corp Hcap3
105River Roadrunners  10:36:329:34:52Handicap22
23River to River to a Bar  9:12:17Mixed4
64Road Hawgs  10:08:45Open21
197Road Hogs of the Rockies  11:47:1510:41:35Handicap44
222Rocky Top Roadrunners  12:30:30Open80
152Roger's River Runners (R3)  11:12:36Open55
143Roll It Up and Unwind  11:05:24Corporate8
161Rubber Guppies  11:19:24Open59
70Run Fast, Carry a Big Stickel  10:18:16Open26
21Run Fast, Drink Beer Sooner  9:10:21Mixd Masters1
14Run Till the Cows Come Home  8:41:59Mixed3
120Running A'Cross Road With Ian  10:48:20Open42
223Running Divas  12:31:22Women8
142Running Illini  11:05:10Open51
159Running Lab Rats  11:17:07Mixed36
92Running Scared  10:30:20Mixed22
208Running Walkers  12:01:24Open77
10Running Witness  8:27:44Open7
141Running a Fever  11:04:52Open50
62Running in Zurcles  10:06:339:24:33Handicap16
150Running on Empty  11:11:02Open54
112Runsmart Thru the Decades  10:41:04Mixed25
27SIUC Army ROTC Striking Salukis  9:19:16Open9
59SIUC Triathlon Team  10:04:48Mixed14
99STFD  10:34:01Masters9
16Schneider Electric  9:03:588:06:38Corp Hcap1
158Second Childhood  11:15:4710:05:17Handicap36
195Seven Fast Guys and Me  11:47:06Open72
224Seven Speedy Girls and Me  12:31:55Women9
148Show Me the River  11:10:05Mixed35
51Shut Up and Run  9:59:54Women1
204Silkworm, Inc.  11:57:42Mixed46
117Silvery Moon Runners  10:43:39Mixed27
237Simpson Gray Gang  13:08:23Open83
123Skeeziks and Pipsawahs  10:51:07Open44
24Slow Twitch  9:16:317:55:01Handicap5
104Slugs  10:35:54Mixed23
121Smokey on the Run  10:49:20Open43
167Sole Survivors  11:21:36Mixed40
228Southern Echo  12:36:15Mixed49
164Southern Most Area Running Team  11:20:03Mixed39
114Squinge  10:42:139:31:13Handicap19
95St. Andrew Bulldogs  10:31:30Masters8
238St. Jude Runners  13:09:5610:15:11Handicap39
106St. Louis Frontrunner  10:37:00Mixd Masters4
200St. Louis Hash House Harriers  11:52:11Open74
63St. Louis Speed Trap  10:08:34Mixed15
144Staunton HI  11:06:15Open52
201Stride Four Stride  11:54:5610:24:56Handicap41
77Synergy  10:22:52Mixed17
116Team Chud  10:43:17Open41
53Team Godzilla  10:01:029:05:02Handicap14
18Team Kennedy  9:04:50Corporate2
12Team Surgeon  8:32:35Mixed2
151Team Tommy  11:12:229:38:37Handicap23
7The Dead Man's Cave Running Club  7:56:10Open5
133The Fanatics  11:00:44Masters11
178Think Pink  11:28:42Open64
145This Is a 5K Right?  11:07:27Open53
55Thunder Canyon Road Raptors  10:03:09Mixed12
240Tobi's Turtles  13:22:32Open84
193Tramps Like Us  11:43:45Open70
225Triple I  12:32:00Mixd Masters8
188Tyler's Terrapins  11:40:339:56:53Handicap31
146Ultimate Speed Gone South (USGS)  11:07:38Corporate9
88Under 12 Parsecs  10:26:17Open34
3Under Par  7:32:12Open3
2Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer  7:24:28Open2
203Up Nort' Runners  11:57:23Mixed45
76Variety of Damage  10:22:43Open30
205W3T (What Were We Thinking?)  11:58:41Open76
74Wandering Elderbarries  10:21:39Open28
72War and Feet  10:19:519:44:21Handicap26
198Washed Ashore  11:48:20Open73
176We Are Not Them  11:27:50Open63
79We Eight the Sandbox  10:23:31Open31
136We Got the Runs  11:01:19Mixed32
45Weturn of the Wunning Wabbits  9:51:10Open16
97When Bad Knees Happen to Good People  10:33:4310:02:23Handicap34
49Whose Idea Was This?  9:58:12Open18
220Wide Bodied Redbirds  12:23:5211:48:42Handicap50
235Women on the Run  13:03:10Wom Masters3